Hi everyone,

A lot has been going on since I last posted. Actually, even before that a lot has been going on. This semester has been a bit of a jumble for me and a number of things I like to do on a regular basis have been neglected. My blog posts have been lacking in terms of quantity, I think, and that reflects how much time I’ve been unable tomputninto my work. Usually I’d try to post 2 or 3 things, but lately I’ve been struggling to keep up.

My time in the MFA has been good. A little bit has been annoying, but nothing I don’t think I’m unable to handle. I think the issue lies with everything else I have to deal with.

I want to write and be able to dedicate myself to the things I love, like this blog. But there have been a number of things as of late that interfere with that and I finally need to step up and address them. That being said I have to take some time off from my blog, as well as other activities to address some issues at home. Try not to worry too much. I promise this is only temporary, but unfortunately it’ll be indefinite. As soon as I feel I’ve got material for you, and have dealt with everything going on, I’ll be sure to update.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog.

I’ll be seeing you soon.


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