Writer’s Crippling Self Doubt: Part Two

There are a lot of things going on in my life right now and that of many other writers. Time for yourself is important and I can see how a lot of this reflects in my life. People think that because we’re writers we’re supposed to be moody and distat. And sometimes because of common misconceptions we even misconstrue what one thing is for another. Emotional support is necessary but also a sense of self-awareness. Take care of yourself my lovely readers/writers. I would be sad if you didn’t write/read a word.

Experiences with Language

So, I haven’t posted on this blog in almost a year now. Truth be told, I haven’t been writing much at all since I left college. At first I just wasn’t happy with what I was writing, and then I started having trouble even wanting to write or seeing a point in it at all. It was harder to motivate myself to read, and actually difficult to experience immersion in fiction. I just reread the same sentences over and over and then set the book down. At first I was guilty and ashamed about this. I hid it and felt like an impostor. Shame turned to self-loathing, and then to a detached realization that I didn’t matter enough to hate myself.

Over time, I just disconnected from my identity as a writer, along with almost every other part of my identity. I stopped caring about myself and almost everything else…

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