Hello Blogging Universe!

For the purposes of using this blog…Like many individuals… Never mind.

I’m not going to say I’m a professional when it comes to blogging. This is my first time writing on such a massive scale. (Trust me when I say a blog is massive in scale for me).

I’m D. Arlene and I’m an aspiring author. Like a bunch of other people out there I want to publish a book or a story in a magazine or something one day. That’s my first dream. I also want to be a college professor one day and teach my students something valuable. I’m writing this blog to get my work out there and honestly hope that someone with take the time to read it and enjoy it if its good.

I’ve always read books and loved reading stories that other authors had written. I’m that girl that wished she could do that, but never did until she couldn’t get a crazy idea our of her head. I’m here because I’ve been writing with so many ideas in my head. And I want to share them here with you. So read my works and enjoy them as much as you can, if you can.

I want to hear everything you have to say about them and if you have any advise as a fellow writer, I’d be happy to listen. ©