Spring Break: Argentina Style (Part 2)

 It’s day five for me here in Argentina and I’ve finally gotten a chance to write something up again. We’re heading out to the country today to see the gauchos. It looks like there’s a light rain over the city, but our professor says it should pass.


The last couple of days have been crazy to say the least. Everyday we’re doing something and by the time we get back all I want to do is sleep. It’s great to see such a beautiful city. There’s such a stark contrast in architecture wherever you go and we’re in a fairly busy section of the city. In fact, wherever we go there’s always something to see. Last night we went to see a Spanish play called “El Gran Deshacen” and we all thought it was great. There were two main characters and their relationship was intense. It was about a marriage and what happens when the television breaks. The actors were amazing.

The day before that, Thursday, we didn’t do anything until one or two pm? Anyway we went to “Puerto Madero” and saw the port for the ships. It was beautiful because the sector had been abandoned for over one-hundred years before they re-designed all the warehouse into shopping strips and apartments. It’s especially beautiful because you can still see the old stone work.

We eventually broke up into separate groups. I went with the couple and the others went back to the hotel. We immediately set out for McDonalds, to try it once in another country. It was amazing, much better than in the US. Here they split up McCafe and McDonalds into two separate sections. So you have McCafe as an actual cafe with a counter and everything on one side of McDonalds and the regular McDonalds up front. The menu is much smaller, but it’s much simpler that way.

We spent our time after that searching for an atm, but only found ourselves in the financial district. No atm. Whatsoever. We spent the rest of the day, after 6, sleeping. We were exhausted from so much that I couldn’t do anything but read and pass out.


So today is probably the most relaxing day of the whole entire trip. We’ve traveled to San Antonio de Areco”; it’s a village/town an hour and a half outside of Buenos Aires. Everything they sell here is made by hand and they’re metal workers and indigenous peoples. The town was very simple.It had dogs all over the place, just wandering around being cute and friendly, but there wasn’t much garbage.

The inhabitants were self-sufficient, cooking their own food (fruit, wine, cheese etc.). We saw a woman who made her own products (scarves, blankets, etc.). I can say that they have to have a great respect for some people who can do that.

After the village, we went to “el campo Florita”. It was amazing. I don’t think that I’ve had so much time to relax, let alone  even mount a horse before and ride it around in a field. It was so much fun and they, later on, sang the songs of the gauchos. The traditions of the gauchos were very simple and they were very friendly. I absolutely love it because: one I got to ride a horse (and did not fall off)  and two they would not stop feeding us. I later found out the meat was fresh (a barbecue–as in, on a wood fire), as in they killed a cow to feed us. Did not know how to feel about that, but it was so good.

They, at the end, showed off their horse riding skills and showed what the horses could do. The game they played was actually a gaucho tradition which established a relationship with one of the women in the campo, if won. It seems very simple, but can also sometimes be very romantic, especially if the gaucho won a woman who also likes him in return. I think that they needed a lot of concentration to win the game. As the gaucho rode his horse, he’d hold a small stick and run a piece of metal in the air on a rope. If they grabbed it with a stick, then they won the hand of a lady in the campo.

The other girls on my trip so wanted Juan Pablo, it was hilarious to see them gush whenever the gauchos rode the horse. It was exciting, to say the least.

This is essentially the last post of my adventure in Argentina because tomorrow we travel back to the US, via Rio Janeiro. It’s gonna be a long ride. I wish I could post videos, but I’m not sure I can. It was an amazing experience, and I’m so glad I could share it. I want to travel so much more now.

Anyway, more pictures below.



Spring Break: Argentina style (Part 1)

I know I made this site all about fictional stories, but I just can’t help but want to tell you about my Spring break so far. I will say this now study abroad is probably one of the best experiences of college education. I highly recommend it if you have the time and want the confidence.The first day was good old get to JFK, then a transfer so could get to Argentina. Because that’s where I am. Anyway, first flight was awesome because we had our own TVs and could watch movies and listen to music. The second flight not as exciting. I passed out because I couldn’t sleep in the first one because, well, I don’t fly often enough. Anyway, we get a cab and gt to the hotel…which has no water or power. They say by 6 they should have everything ready, so we lock up ours bags, hesitantly, in a room and we walk around until 8pm. Mind you we got there at around 12pm. So 8 hours of sight seeing, walking, getting to know each other and taking pictures, our feet were howlin’. We ate and got back…still nothing fixed. Ma dude the toilets weren’t even working and they still let people use it!Suffice it to say we went to another hotel for the night and finally got a beautiful shower time. My god I was so relieved. It’s about 70 degrees and up here, so we all needed one. After a while we walked passed right out. Yesterday, we went back to this ridiculous hotel and found everyone except myself and another girl did not have a room. We went to the “Plaza de Mayo,” looked at the “Casa Rosa” and the obelisk, saw people camping–protesting and it was great.

Until we got back after doing stuff (eating, site seeing, walking….walking) and we weren’t even in the records and a room wasn’t prepared for us. So we set it up ourselves with help from a classmate. We got this!

Anyway, with a room we chilled out, waited for classmates to come back and eventually headed out to Tango lessons. Completely awkward at first–because we were one late, and two the only boy with us had his girlfriend in the class which three made us girls dance with each other. They were cute though, they would only dance with each other. I danced with two older men, and they were saints. They had so much patience that it was great. Even some of us danced with our professor and it was really helpful.
We stayed to watch a performance until around 1am. Oh my god, were they amazing. We went and asked if they had a cd, they did! It was fantastic–they were so passionate in the performance. We came back to the hotel showered and were knocked out by then. You had to be there to hear it. It was  amazing to experience it for yourself, and not just through a textbook.
Today I have to admit that I absolutely lack confidence. Right now I’m in a cafe two blocks away from our hotel…by myself. I had to talk myself into leaving the hotel. My other classmates are really embracing the experience, but I am enjoying just the walk around and activities already planned out for us. It’s probably a waste, I know. So I convinced myself to go outside. I checked my pockets two or three times and left. I keep my hands by my sides just in case, and I carry a lock in a lanyard in case someone tries to do anything funny.
Anyway I find a place that looks nice to eat because I missed breakfast. It’s called “Rondas” and it’s on the Avenida de Mayo. So far the menu on the window looks okay so I go inside. I eat after a little while, my brain having frozen as a waitress comes up to me–because I’ve been standing awkwardly at the entrance. I ordered tea with milk and a ham and cheese sandwich. I got like four sandwiches with the lightest bread in the world. I love this place as well because the tea is amazing. I can’t wait for the rest of the day.
We’re supposed to be going this place called “Libreria Ateneo.” It’s famous on tumblr apparently and to people who want to travel to really cool places. Anyway, it’s supposed to have a bookstore in an old opera house and you can sit and read in the old opera house boxes. It looks amazing—I hope we go today.

I’m Going to Another COUNTRY!

So I just go the best news ever!

I’m officially going to another country (Puerto Rico doesn’t count) in a week or two! I am very excited for the time to come. I panicked, drove my parent insane over stressing and documents and I finally got my passport after waiting almost three months of back and forth drama. But I finally got it in the mail! I can’t wait.

I’m hoping to take a major amount of photographs to share; hopefully the wifi is okay enough to do so there. I am worried about that, and the outlets. It’s scary. I’ve heard people complaining about their stuff suddenly dying because they plugged it into the wall, or their surge protector/converter died instantly. The fear!

I want to post pictures and write about the trip. This is not a travel blog, but I would like to share some of my experiences with you. It’s’ fun to share. And maybe I’ll be inspired to write a story or two while I’m there…and maybe do some homework along the way.