About the Author

The author of, mostly anything and pretty much everything here, on this blog is D. Arlene. Of course, her real name is Desiree Alcala, but the latter sounds much cooler.

Like many of you, she is a writer. Having graduated from SUNY Oswego with a Bachelors in Creative Writing, and minors in English and Spanish, she is currently attending Sarah Lawrence College for her MFA. She currently manages this blog in her free time, and loves playing League of Legends when she’s not writing.

When describing her work D. Arlene states, “The mind is a powerful thing, and sometimes it’s hard to look on the darker side. I want to see what makes you tick, what makes you go good and go bad at the same time. I want to see characters in all their human-ness.”

This blog is designed to share fictional stories, opinions about writing and ideas about writing, and anything in the author’s life that has to do with writing. This is the connection, from the writer to you. Welcome to Out of the Corner of Your Eye.

Please enjoy the ride.


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