Braided Story: Human Touch


“There are waves in your hair.”

“Waves?” Deep brown eyes stare up at him in confusion.

He slips his hand into the curls and sniffs the ends. They smell of strawberries and kiwiis.

She leans closer to him as the tresses fall from his thick fingers.

“And you think that lines going to get you a girlfriend?” He slaps the hand away, smirking as he leans against the window pane. “You suck at flirting.”

His hand sweeps his hair across his head, the auburn strands falling over his right eye. Almond shaped eyes stare back, the corners of his lips curling in pleasure.


“You shouldn’t bite me.” You wag your finger in her face, steel blue eyes staring innocently at it, as it moves from side to side.

Her tongue, pink, slowly slips out, licking his nose as you finally notice.

You take that same finger, touch your nose, and then slowly reach it toward her own.

Her tail wags and you watch as his muscles tense. You touch its tip, slide it down his lips and under his chin. She doesn’t move, a canine statue.

Your eyes lock with hers and you watch one another, locked in an endless battle. Your finger brushes against soft fur beneath her chin and rubs against the bone. Her mouth opens and her hind legs scratch at his side.

“Good girl.”


“It’s just so…pink.” Jaime looks around the room as her niece runs around it in ecstasy.
“Isn’t it great!” Macy spins around in a circle, stops, and slowly smooths out the corners of her comforter, a highlighter pink.

Her walls are pink, the carpet beneath her feet bubble gum pink, and her shelves–the ones she begged her father for–are hot pink. She has everything pink, her bed, her books (covered in a pink book cover cloth), her shoes and of course her pencils.

“Isn’t this adorable.” Aunt Jaime reaches out for a pink styled teddy bear which Macy tie-dyed in the bathtub for three hours to get the right tone.

“No!” Macy screams at her Aunt, shocking her. She runs to the teddy bear and stares up at her Aunt after bumping into the rose pink dresser on which the teddy had been placed. “I didn’t say you could touch him.”


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