Revision Announcement

Hey there everyone,

I’ve been running around back and forth, trying to figure out what to put up lately and honestly I haven’t been writing like I wish. I’ve been taking time to figure things out and get some other things down. In the end, I’ve been putting some things off and that’s never a good thing. So today, I finally took the time to revise at least one of my stories currently on the site. I received a critique a while back and never took the time to sit down and take it in.

I agreed with the critique and found some valid pointers in it. Because of this, I am going to take down the story on this site and I will place the revision instead. I think that anyone who has read it before may appreciate the refinement. There is a little more characterization and interaction between the characters as well as concrete detail. I cut some things that I realized, and felt, were unnecessary to the plot. I think it’s a little better, and hopefully more of you will read and like it.

A lot of the stories that I post here are usually raw, meaning that a great deal are revised on my own time and without critique. This is always a challenge because some writing needs to be seen through another’s perspective. It’s really difficult to disassociate myself from a work into which I’ve put a great deal.

Anyway, I hope that this will be a better revision of Session One, which was originally on my first blog “Its All In Your Head.” So please, check it out tomorrow when you get a chance.I’d love for comments and suggestions.

See you all soon.


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