Out Sick

Hey guys,

Hope you’ve all been enjoying your Christmas/New Year vacation. I’ve been pretty lazy, trying to catch up on sleep, occasionally writing. Up until maybe two weeks ago I had a pretty consistent flow of stories, I hope you liked them. I’ve been out lately due to the flu. I got it bad.

That’s what happens though when you don’t get the flu shot. Really sucked, too. For about three days I was with a sort of cold and then my throat got dry and then low and BEHOLD! A fever and I was out like a light. Cliché I know, but seriously I was knocked…out. I passed out while on my computer. Sounds familiar for some of you maybe?

Anyway, I’m doing better. I’m actually okay. Got over it, minus the occasional headache. I’m getting ready to head back to school. Gotta finish my last year of Undergrad school. Yeah!

Oh, I didn’t get a chance to tell you guys! I’m going to another country this semester! South America, here I come! I’m excited. Hopefully everything goes well. I am STILL waiting for my passport. Hate having to apply for that; it’s so expensive and then it takes SO long to get to you. So aggravating, but whatever. Can’t do much but save up, pay that money and get it in your mailbox….hopefully on time. Expect some pictures people, in March. I will post as many as I can. It’ll be great. Hope I get internet over there.

In other news, I submitted two pieces for publishing…got rejected for one of them so far, of course. It sucks, but it’s part of the process. My professor, one of them, said that you should put those rejections in frames on your wall, rather than the acceptance letters. I guess it’s to remind you how hard you worked. I’d rather put them in a binder labeled “Haters.” But that won’t do any good. The truth is not everyone is going to like your work. I wish they would, but everyone has their own tastes. I do wish they would give you feedback, tell you why they didn’t like it. That would be a BIG help.

Okay, so this is something that has been pressing on my back of my mind. I’ve been working on a story, well two. But they’re longer pieces. Maybe books, maybe not. I’m not far enough along to really say, but I’ve been debating whether or not to post them. What do you guys think? One’s probably akin to fantasy, the other sci-fi. Would you read them and tell me what you think if I added a link below?

Let me know. I’d love to hear from some of my readers. I think it’s fun.

Well, I’ve got to get going. Hopefully, I’ll have something up soon. Being sick took a lot of time so I wasn’t able to work on anything substantial.


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