I’m back!

Hello readers!

Did ya miss me? No? Awww. My feelings are a little hurt.

Okay, dramatics aside I am in a good mood.


(1) I’m officially going to another country for the first time next semester. Exciting, right? Right!

(2) I wrote what I think is an awesome prologue to a story I am working on. I re-worked it and JUST finished it and it’s WAY better than the first one. I think it gives a interesting background, but still hints towards the direction that I want to take in the story.

(3) I made a new story for you guys to read!  Okay, maybe two…or three. I know, it’s not a lot, but I have to study for the GRE and getting critiques is not easy when everyone is in vacation mode.

(4) I am going to post a story right after posting this! YAY!

I really do hope that you like this one. I was really unsure for a while about how to go about the next couple of stories. There was this whole, trying not to make it cliché, what’s the best ending/beginning, etc. battle going on in my head. I want to make sure you get everything you need to understand my intent and get the message. Overall, I want to give you something good.

And to make the process easier, and give me more writing time I will only post one story today. Sorry! I think that giving you more than one story at a time brings up your expectations, although some of you may not have at all. The point is I want to see you enjoy the reading, hopefully take time digest it and eventually come back in a couple days and read the next one.

I was also considering making Session One a part of a series. Sort of episodes involving the characters and their lives, how they ended up in their situations, and afterward. I don’t know quite yet whether or not I’m going to. It’s just a thought. I was also considering making Recovery Plan a larger piece or doing the same as Session One. What do you guys think?

Anyway, I’m busy and so are you so here’s the next story.

“By The Snow”

See ya!


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