Crunch time

Hey guys,

how’s it been? The semester, it seems, is coming to a close and everyone whose in college (and high school?) is getting ready for finals. I know it’s crazy over here right now. I haven’t really had to time to right anything, which is depressing. I have some time, but it’s one of those times where your mind is so filled with crap that you can’t get anything down to the page. Welcome to the world of writer’s block.

I hate it.

A writer’s worst nightmare.

As well as academic papers and really bad movies.

But I digress.

This blog has probably seen better days, especially when I first started and because of everything–my inconsistency you as readers have suffered. So I am letting you know that I have to take time of from the blog, at least until finals are over.

My schedule is currently packed with applying with graduate schools and coming up with writing samples and taking the GRE in 3 weeks (I take it the day after Christmas if you can believe it), which I have yet to study for.

College man. The end is the most difficult part. But hopefully when I graduate it’ll get easier because this semester has honestly been a shit storm. Next semester I only have 4 more courses, one of which I am hoping will be study abroad. Well….I’m not sure if I’m as excited about it anymore. I applied to go Argentina for a week. Seems cool but expenses are crazy, especially going with a class. I have yet to attain my passport, so with graduate application fees and a cell phone bill….it’s kind of hard. I’ll pull through somehow, right?

If I do go, maybe I can write some stories about it. I think that’d be cool. Don’t you?

I was wondering if it would be a good idea to put a longer piece of fiction onto the blog. I’ve been working on a book of fiction, but I’m editing the first chapter based on some really great critiques. I’m not sure if that’s a good idea  or not, I’ll think about it. If you guys would like to see them though, by all means let me know if you’re interested.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for reading and I will dedicate a lot of time to writing once all this is over. Christmas vacation is coming up and I’ll have so much time for you! You can keep me all to yourselves, it’ll be fun!


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