I am so, so sorry that I haven’t been able to update lately. It occurred to me a couple days ago that its been almost three weeks since I last posted something. The days have certainly flown by. The good news is that I have about four stories in the works right now. One I am currently waiting for some critiques on.

I really depend on critiques from my classmates because they give me a feel for how you would interpret, as readers, my work. As I’ve said before I really want to show you guys my best. Until I look back and think “that’s crap” and change it all over again. Haha! Not really. I wouldn’t do that to you, that’s why I’ve been gone so long. I hope to edit more, I have research papers to work on so hopefully I’ll find time to post more stories somewhere in all that research. Gotta love college.

Anyway, I was wondering about maybe using a new blog site. Personally, I love this one. The format’s easy. I’m pretty sure I have a loyal number of followers, though none ever comment. But I usually have a decent number of readers on the weekly basis whenever I post, which makes me extremely happy. Honestly! I love looking at the pageviews, its exciting for me.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my stories. I’ll try to make it up to you as soon as I can.
Don’t forget, leave a comment or if you have an idea, or questions even. My blog is always open.

See ya!


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