Braided Story: "It’s like this "

I don’t know what I want, so I take it out on you

“I told you to wake up half an hour ago; can I have some of your soda, please?”

Gamer Girl

“Want to play with me?”

“Not now.”

Two hours later.

“Wanna eat?”

“Oh my god! Would you leave me alone. I’m almost done with this level!”

“You’ve been playing candy crush for four hours straight! What the fuck?!”

Same Shit Different Day

“He crapped in the couch again, Erick!”

“Just clean it up then,” he shouts from the bathroom as our chihuahua comes into the living room and sniffs it.

I look down at the small steaming pile and scream, “It’s not my damn baby, Erick!” © 


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