Classes and Writing Ideas

So I haven’t been on this blog in a week or two and I’ll say it again. I’m so NOT good at this. But I will say that I have been genuinely busy and still thinking about what to post up next, what I wanted to do school wise and what-not. I am currently a college student, so I have a busy schedule. Please forgive me for my inability to give you enough attention. This is not sarcasm, in case it sounded like that.

Right now I’m taking a course with my professor and we’re doing a lot of “Flash Fiction.” Flash Fiction is basically fiction with a limit to words, so basically we write stories that have to be below a certain limit. I am NOT good at that. The first story I’ve posted on my blog is actually a revision of a shorter piece, but it well done in that format (the current blog post “For the Love of a Child”). I  am done with another second piece and will be posting that up soon, for those who read this and want to see another story.

I will say that it took some time, and will continue to take time as I write new stories. I am a creative writing major and I have a lot of things to do, but I will update as often as I can.

The program at my University is running a program, which is really cool, called “Graphic Flash.” It brings authors and artists together–who have never met– to draw pieces for the writers work. It’s really cool. We email the artists and they draw something up for our story, and we can’t explain it to them, help them understand the concepts, nothing. We don’t even get to meet them until the presentation day! It’s really amazing because they can show everyone their own interpretation of your work. It’d be amazing to see it and actually have the work match the intent of your writing.

It’s next month, October. So when it comes up maybe I’ll post some pictures here. What do you guys think?Is it a cool idea?

I’d love to read some comments, and hey send me some ideas for stories if you’d like to see how I’d go about writing it. ©


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