Not a Chicken without a Head

There are a lot of ideas running through my mind, often they shift and turn. Staying in my head or exploding full force and turning me into the Queen of anti-social habits. I’ll run around like a chicken without a head for a couple of minutes and head back to the desk to write.

 I lied, I have writer’s block. Nothing in my head is buzzing around. Sorry, no chicken running around madly today!

Usually I have some kind of idea about what I want to write: little girls running around and burning things, or a girl watching people talk across the street. I don’t know. I started this blog with a great amount of skepticism. Despite the fact that I am a writer, and am currently taking courses to better my stories style, its a challenge in its own right to actually share my work with a complete stranger. But isn’t that a fear that some writer’s start out with? I’ve shared work with friends, but I’m going to try and “expand my horizons.”

I do think, however, that this experience will be unique and interesting enough to hold my attention. It’ll push me farther to share my work with those who take the time to read my stories.

I wanted to start posting stories here, but I don’t have many surprisingly for a writer. I will post what I’ve written before, as soon as I finish editing them. I don’t want to give you all something that is complete junk. That’s not cool, or professional for that matter.

I want to share my thoughts and get opinions. I’ve been thinking about this a lot. I want to start out as a first requesting some topics. There are so many things that people want to read about, or hear about, etc. What stories do you like? For my first blog I kind of just want to understand what it is you read. Basically, I want a discussion with you all. I’m new at this, and I’ll have another page or something to that effect. ©


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